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April 22, 2015

Project Brief

SKUR approached us to create and identity that was worthy of their revolutionary technology for the construction industry.

Working at the intersection where the virtual world of an architect’s 3d design meets the messy reality of a construction site, SKUR can tell its clients if what has been built is exactly the same as it was designed. This information is invaluable to large, complex, constantly moving development projects.

Our identity sought to convey the powerful energy of both the construction site and the lasers that are used to scan them. The subtle transparency of the burst hints at this complexity and the colors correlate to the results SKUR presents to clients. The word mark was intended to convey a solid company in a traditional industry.

In addition to business cards we have produced several other important communications pieces for the SKUR team. The cards show here were designed to quickly convey the relevant information without allowing the cards to feel cluttered, crowded, or difficult to read.

As a part of the branding process it quickly became evident we would need to help SKUR explain what it does in as few words as possible. The exercise produced the now trademarked “Visualizing Variance” tagline.

The website we developed for SKUR is designed to invoke the construction experience while quickly conveying how this complex software can bring rapid ROI to any project. Additionally, the site needed to be very flexible to allow a variety of internal teams to quickly adapt to messaging changes, product updates, and new market opportunities.

We’ve produced several brand videos for SKUR. This product video is primarily meant only to be looped at trade shows. The goal being to convey the simplicity of the process for users who usually cannot imagine that this actually is a simple process.

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