Brand storytelling as a foundation for growth

The way companies tell their stories has changed. Today, a brand’s narrative can often be told most effectively through a wide variety of media with careful attention to where people are receiving the message.

However, a company’s story must be authentic and relevant and must never be a sales pitch. It must be based in reality, even if marketers embellish it with a healthy dollop of creativity.

Authentic stories need to be told

Stories involve specific events that happen to particular characters, and great stories have extraordinary ability to stimulate both the feelings and imagination of the teller and the audience.

Ultimately a brand’s story is not just something businesses should refer to every time they launch a marketing campaign or issue a press release. It should be the foundations on which a future growth strategy is built. A good story must be credible to resonate with the target audience.

You have to tell the truth and then spin the story for marketing purposes. Obviously, you need good products to begin with. But the success of many brands is linked to emotion. A strong story based in reality will bring your message and values to life in a way the consumer can believe in.

Storytelling can set you apart from the competition

A brand’s narrative can set a company apart in a competitive sector, and measuring the effectiveness of any brand story is never easy.
A strong story is engaging, and can create brand advocates and repeat sales. When it comes to creating that engaging and authentic story, you need to be able to separate yourself from many of the day-to-day challenges of marketing to find true and pure stories that will resonate.


Some of the greatest storytelling comes from many of the largest industries, but that doesn’t mean you need a global branding team to develop a great story and weave it into your communications.

A good story makes you feel something and is universal. People want to buy products from a company they can relate to and they understand. They want to grasp your values and your commitment to excellence; be inspired and intrigued. Storytelling is the most powerful way to convey these ideas.

Worldwide Marmalade truly believes almost every media platform can be an influential way to express a brand’s story. And that once a great brand story exists, extending to into a variety of projects and programs becomes a smooth process.

The best stories tap into people’s emotions because someone genuinely connects to what a brand stands for or where it has come from. The marketers who can paint the pictures and create such personal relationships are well on the way to establishing long-term brand loyalty.

What’s your story?